Harmonic Technology Truth Link interconnects

Harmonic Technology Truth Link interconnects

As with most other "components", these cables will sound great in some systems, and not work as well in others. With that said, in my system, connecting a Well Tempered Reference table/van den Hul Black Beauty cartridge, CAT Ultimate preamp, and Atmasphere M60 mk.2 amps, the Truth Links are truly excellent cables. Top drawer!

They provide a silent background, as if a layer of noise has been removed. They are very detailed, without emphasizing any particular part of the musical spectrum. They enable the rest of the system to float an image that is comparable to some of the best cables out there. 

I had been using a 1m pair of Cardas Neutral Reference between the table and preamp. It seemed to do a good job for the two months or so they were in circuit. However, after replacing it with a 1m pair of Truth Link, it was immediately noticeable that the Truth Links were superior to the Neutral Reference cables in each of the areas noted above. I think mainly due to the reduction in background noise, which sounded like a misty fog on an otherwise sunny day, the most obvious difference was greater clarity and preciseness of the entire treble range. And everything from the midrange on up just relaxed. Or maybe it was me! 

The fact that the price of admission is far below the competition - which is around $2k - makes these cables a true best buy. Definitely worth a try, but again, I wouldn't expect any cable to provide a universal solution for all systems In my system, they work really well.

Overall Rating: 7 LPs


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