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VPI Aries Turntable with SME V arm and SDS

An unexpected thing happened as a result of this review. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, but I didn’t expect it would be a turntable that was the catalyst. I was finally convinced that satisfaction from reproduced music has a tenuous connection to objective observations.

Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 Speaker Cable

The Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cables are the best sounding cables to date from Analysis Plus, not including their gold-plated cables. I have already written about the Oval 9, and that review should serve as the basis for this one of the Solo Crystal Oval 8. There seems to be widespread agreement that the Oval 9 speaker cables are one of the better bargains in audio-land.

Koetsu Moving Coil Cartridges

The name Koetsu has long been held in high regard by audiophiles. Almost mystical attributes have been associated with the name. The buzz surrounding the release of the original Red signaled a new paradigm was available to the audio world.

CAT SL-1 Ultimate Preamplifier

This review is much more than the result of a number of listening sessions over a two year period. It is really the story of one person’s quest for the attainment of the goal of having exceptional music reproduction available at the turn of a dial and the drop of a needle.

Shelter 501 mk. II MC Phono Cartridge

Shelter 901 MC Phono Cartridge


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