The reference system, subject to (frequent) change:

Analog: VPI Aries 3 turntable, Kuzma 4-Point tonearm, Phoenix Engineering Roadrunner/Eagle precision drive electronics, VPI Periphery Ring clamp, Stillpoints LPI clamp, Symposium Damping Insert Kit, HR-X feet

ZYX UNIverse Premium and Miyajima Madake cartridges

Marantz ST-7001 tuner

Phono Preamps: Pass Labs XP-25, B.M.C. MCCI, DIY Sowter 1990z Step Up Transformers, Bob's Devices CineMag Sky 20 Step Up Transformer

Digital: Custom Windows 10 music computer with JRiver Media Center, Bryston BDA-3 DA converter, RME ADI-2 Pro AD/DA Converter with external power supply

Preamplifiers: Mark Levinson No. 52, Acoustic Imagery Jay-Sho

Amplifiers: Cary CAD-805AE (with Psvane WE211), Inspire Fire Bottle SE- "Hot Rod" version, First Watt J2

Loudspeakers: Focal Sopra 1, Fritzspeakers Carrera BE, Focal Chorus 714 from the HT system, (2) JL Audio e110 subwoofers

Cables: Mogami interconnects and speaker cables, Audioquest WEL Signature XLR, and other analog interconnects, Straightwire USB-F, Mogami Digital RCA S/PDIF for CD-to-DAC cable

Cords: DIY power cords, Straightwire Pro Thunder
Conditioners: PS Audio Dectet, PS Audio Quintet, and DIY Power Conditioner

Dedicated 20A circuits

Other: Shakti Hallograph Soundfield Optimizers

The listening room is L shaped, 12x19x7.5, and I listen across the 12'. The walls and ceiling are double 5/8" drywall on Z channel, and the floor is carpeted concrete. There are a few strategically placed 2x4 foot decorative panels containing 3 inch "egg crate" acoustic foam. One such panel is located at the reflection point of the speaker nearest the side wall.

The natural sandstone rack weighs over 650 pounds and comes from Lyons, Colorado. The top shelf, which the turntable(s) sits on, is a solid 4 inch thick piece of maple.

The Home Theater System:

Marantz SR5010 7.1 channel Receiver
Sony S570 Blu-Ray Player
Focal Chorus 714 and center channel Speakers
B&W LM1 for the rear channel speakers
Samsung UN65JY7100 4K 3D Too-Smart TV

Here is a partial list of the music used for the reviews: (this section is updated from time to time)

Happy Together, The Nylons, Side 1 (all)
Full Sail, Loggins and Messina, Columbia PC32540
Stampede, Doobie Brothers, Side 1 (all)
"Clean As the Driven Snow". The Captain & Me, Doobie Brothers. WB Records BS2694
Dire Straits, ALL!
Hearts & Flowers, Joan Armatrading
"Foggy Mountain Breakdown". After Midnight. Sheffield Lab TLP-30
"Witches’ Brew". Danse Macabre, Saint-Saëns, RCA Living Stereo LP, RCA Victor LSC-2225
"Crest of a Knave", "She Said She Was a Dancer". Crest of a Knave, Jethro Tull
The Diary of Alicia Keys, Alicia Keys, Songs A2 (side A cut #2), B3, D1 & D4. J Records 82876-55712
"Painted Desert", "Takin' It Back". Tropico, Pat Benatar. Chrysalis Records FV41471
Thriller, Michael Jackson
Nothing Like The Sun, Sting

Thriller, Michael Jackson. Used for dialing in subwoofers.
"Make a Mistake With Me", Mud On The Tires, Brad Paisley

mo', mo', mo'


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