These reviews are of equipment that I have either owned or had in the system for an extended period of time. Please feel free to quote all or part of the content, although this license requires that you include a link to the original review. I welcome your feedback on anything you see here.

Important Notes:

1. These reviews include opinions, reactions, and feelings about equipment that may be valid only in the context of my system during the review period.

2. Over the course of time and experience, most people's ability to evaluate audio components improves, and I reserve the right, but assume no obligation to update a component's rating based on new information. Call it my Continuous Improvement Program.

4. I urge you to research any item of interest with an Internet search. There you will find more contextual, product, and technical information than is typically presented in the reviews.

5. And most important:  YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY!!!

A 10 LP rating means it does not take any work on your part for the component to take you "there", musically. (See The Purpose of Home Audio for the definition of "there".) You should feel part of the music within 5 minutes of sitting down. Every time. A rating of 1 LP means sound comes out of something. Any component receiving a rating of 8 or greater is recommended for your audition.

NEW FEATURE: MINI REVIEWS, starting with the Placette Active LineStage Preamplifier, are for those components that I have auditioned in my system but, due to limited time with a product time or other issues, do not warrant a full review. MINI REVIEWS are presented to give you pertinent information about a product that may help with your buying decision, but should not carry the same weight as a full review.



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