Turntable Isolation Test

Here is a quick and easy test to see how well a turntable and tonearm keep external vibrations from reaching the cartridge stylus and contaminating your music. For each step, listen for sound coming from your speakers. If you hear something, then you know how well your turntable and tonearm isolates, minimizes, or dampens vibration in each area.

WOW. That sounds GOOD!

Sometimes I install a component and something in the sound immediately captures my attention and I say “wow” or “that’s great”. That, contrary to the observation, is a problem. Anything in the sound that sticks out and grabs your attention and is so obvious will invariably be one of the very things you later dislike about a component. “Great treble” becomes “too bright”. “Powerful bass” turns into “fat and boomy”. Or something.



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