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"DIY Hydra" Power Conditioner

WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: Working with high voltages can cause serious injury or death. You may read the following project description for entertainment only, which is the intended purpose.

Audience Adept Response aR2p-TO Power Conditioner

The Audience Adept Response aR2p-TO High Resolution Power Conditioner is the latest in a product line of well received power conditioners which are priced from $695 to $8,600. The $1,600 aR2p-TO model differs from the basic $695 aR2p in its use of expensive Teflon-dielectric "Aura-T" capacitors with OHNO (mono crystal, oxygen-free) copper leads. I did not experience the basic non-Teflon equipped model.

Audio Horizons “More Than a Fuse” Fuses

Audio Horizons Platinum Reference Fuse

Audio Horizons Platinum reference FuseFuse "upgrades" never really turned me on (pun intended). I have tried aftermarket fuses from AMR, Audio Magic, and Synergistics and each was an improvement over stock fuses.

Phoenix Engineering RoadRunner Tachometer - Falcon/Eagle Power Supplies and VPI SDS Motor Controller

Many turntables today include an electronic speed controller for the motor that drives the platter that makes the records go round and round. The purpose of these controllers is to make sure that the motor sees a very constant signal to maintain a very constant speed. The ear is more sensitive to variations in speed than to small inaccuracies in the exact frequency.

PS Audio AV Power Center 5000

The PS Audio AV Power Center 5000 is a remarkable device with an extensive list of features that places it at the very forefront of this product category. From the PS Audio Web site:

PS Audio Ultimate Outlet vs. Shunyata Hydra 2 Power Conditioners

I am always reticent about recommending power products such as power cords and power conditioners. Their effects in my own environment vary greatly with different equipment and even with the time of day. Many components’ basic characters can change dramatically with different cords and conditioners, while with some other components, the differences are small or negligible.

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